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Very few of my friends know that this blog exists – or if they do, even fewer know that I’m the one writing it.

Aside from my best friend (who I share everything with), I have not yet told anyone that I’m writing under the alias of Adam Lung. I don’t advertise, nor do I promote my own posts on social media like Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. I don’t even know how to use Twitter, let alone figure out how to share anything on those sites.

And I won’t, either. My Facebook and Twitter accounts use my real name, and so sponsoring my own content on those pages will make it very obvious that I’m writing this blog. I can’t easily create new accounts that use the name Adam Lung, either, as fresh accounts obviously have no followers / friends, and I can’t easily get followers and friends without a lot of explanation. Either way, as long as I wish to keep Adam as his own entity, I can’t actually promote my own blog.

I have no idea how works or how people even reach this site, given that I’ve done nothing to suggest that it even exists. Yet, I still have a few hits on my stats page, and a few followers that somehow found an unknown page.

So then the people who read this for the first time happened to stumble upon this by chance. I like that. The people who read my blog have no obligation to do so; I didn’t pester anyone into reading it, and I didn’t tell my friends to spread the link around, either.

I just write to show a bit of my meaning, and perhaps provoke thought in those who happen to come across my work. Nothing is forced, and perhaps all of the encounters with my words are random…but that in itself is a curious, and beautiful thing.


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